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About Us

About Us
Prestige Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd was established to serve the needs of engineering, construction, and improvement professionals. Our headquarter is situated in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. In a world of constant demands, we are here to provide constant supply; from steel bars to pipes to even galvanizing metal products, whether it is for small to large volume, we are here at your service.

Prestige Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd started as a material supplier and expanded to provide further services for our clients. We aspire to be the leading One-Stop Solution Provider for all our clients by:

  1. Reducing production time
  2. Provide cost efficiency
  3. Ensuring Highest Quality in every sector of our service
With a collective experience of over 20 years, we can gain the confidence of all our respective customers by assisting them in projects ranging from fabrication to precision tooling works. We go out of our way to fulfil every single need of our customers as we aspire to be the leader in the industry. We have been strategically re-investing our profit to acquire better equipment to ensure a value-added services for our customers.

Our client base extends to include large multinational corporations to small growing enterprises. We are well equipped to service throughout the nation, both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. If you would like to find out more about how Prestige Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd can serve your construction and industrial needs, get in touch today.
Prestige Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd is best known for our engineering solutions. We specialize in-house fabrication works and deliver the products to our customers. What we do includes:
Source and
supply materials
Design and build
Fabrication works
Precision tooling
  • Your Trust fuels our growth; in return, we give you our commitment with utmost respect to delivery lead times.
  • We aim to stay ahead in the industry by innovation breakthrough services that satisfies clients requirements and maintain our position as your preferred choice.
  • The motivating force that drives our mission are the values we hold. Commitment, Courage, Responsibility, and Respect for Others, gives us purpose and meaning to continue thriving forward.