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Industrial Trolley

Introducing our Industrial Trolley – the rugged and versatile solution designed to streamline your material handling and transport needs in industrial settings. Built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty work environments, our industrial trolley is engineered for efficiency, durability, and safety. The Industrial Trolley is a versatile and robust material handling solution designed for use in industrial and commercial settings. It is engineered to transport heavy or bulky items efficiently and safely within warehouses, factories, workshops, and other industrial environments.



  • Frame: Steel or aluminum alloy for strength and durability.
  • Wheels: Heavy-duty, non-marking polyurethane or rubber wheels for smooth and quiet operation.


  1. Robust Construction: The industrial trolley is built to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions.

  2. Versatile Design: It features a flat platform or multiple shelves to accommodate various types of cargo.

  3. Maneuverability: Equipped with swivel casters (with or without brakes) for easy maneuvering and precise control, even in tight spaces.

  4. Push/Pull Handle: A convenient push/pull handle for ergonomic operation and enhanced control during transportation.

  5. Safety Features: Some models may include safety rails, corner bumpers, or anti-slip surfaces to secure loads and prevent accidents.

  6. Load Retention: Options for straps, hooks, or rails to secure and stabilize loads during transport.

  7. Powder Coating: A durable powder coating finish to protect against rust and corrosion.

  8. Customization: Available in various configurations, such as platform size, shelf count, and handle design, to meet specific user requirements.

Applications: The Industrial Trolley is suitable for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Workshops and Garages
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Airports and Logistics Centers

Installation: Industrial trolleys are typically delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Some may require minor assembly or attachment of wheels and handles.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance involves inspecting wheels and casters for wear, checking for loose components, and cleaning the trolley as needed to ensure optimal performance.

Manufacturer's Warranty: The product often comes with a manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing its quality and performance for a specified period.

Note: Specific product specifications, including dimensions, load capacities, and configurations, may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer's product documentation for detailed information about a particular Industrial Trolley model.

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